Balcony view: Fort Lauderdale

I arrived on the first leg of my trip in Fort Lauderdale Florida. My room has an amazing view of a marina. This image is from my balcony as I eat my dinner of Cuban takeout – mmmmm.  Yum

Taken handheld with my iPhone 7 plus



X-T2 Dual Card Slot (quick note)

I grabbed my X-T2 knowing I had taken out the SD card from slot 1 and I was very, very surprised when the camera fired off an exposure with only a SD card in slot 2.  Per my older blog post, if there is no card in slot 2, but only in slot 1, the camera locks up.

Medical Helicopters. Acros + red Filter, X-T2, 35mm 1.4 lens. What an outstanding combo!