About Me

Hey everyone.  Just a quick update about me: I’m a photographer first and foremost. I shoot stock and micro stock with over 10,000 images on file for sale over five different companies. I am currently sitting on over 99,000 images in my Apple Photos library, with anther 100,000 in my Lightroom library.  This does not include 35mm and medium format negatives and slides that have yet to be scanned and processed.

I love photographing a beautiful landscape more than anything else.  These landscapes, and seascapes are what I try to concentrate my efforts on, especially the smaller parts of the big scene.

I “discovered” the Fuji X system back in January 2013.  I read as much as possible about it for over a month non-stop on the web; their were so many web articles and reviews discussing the quality of the images, low-noise, lack of the AA filter, and so on I couldn’t stay away.  As a film shooter with Velvia and other Fuji films in my 35mm cameras as well as my medium format Mamiya 645AFD  I knew that if Fuji made it, the quality was there.  Once I learned about the various film simulations the X system offered — that’s when I decided to give the system a go.  I purchased an X-E1 with the 18-55 Kit lens — which does it no justice calling it a “kit” lens, and I also purchased the 35mm F1.4.  I was hooked from image number “1”. Roll forward to February 2014 and I gave myself a birthday gift of the Fuji X-T1.  All I can say is one word:  Amazing!  I’m not going to gush on about the hardware quality, image quality and all that good stuff as I know it’s all out there on the web. However, I will say that I’ve been using my Nikon D800 much less.  I’ve also given away or sold my D700, and my D300 together with a bunch of Nikon lenses which I’ve detailed on my “gear” page.  That’s how much I believe in the Fuji x System.

You can always see more of my work here: Drama King Images and  feel free to follow me on instagram @jlmpoppop or see of my images for sale here



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