X-T2 Quick Review of the Good, the Bad, and the oddly Silly from my point of view

Ok the rose colored glasses are askew, and the gloves are on. I have some bones to pick with Fuji with regards to certain X-T2 functions.

Let’s get started:

I decided to head out for a full day of shooting in southern Vermont. I packed the X-T2 with the 18-55, and the X-T1 with the 55-200. In my bag, besides the extra batteries, filters, and memory cards I threw in my Zeiss 12mm, Fuji 16 and 35 1.4. I did not use any of those three. Didn’t need to as the 18-55 was phenomenal!

Here is where it gets interesting:
The GOOD: Battery life; much better on this outing than the last. 580 raw (uncompressed) + Jpegs Fine, very little chimping, using the 2nd card slot as backup of 1st card (more on this later) and I still had two bars remaining when I got home. I had the camera in standard mode, not boost btw.  The long lasting battery is very good news.

The GREAT: Image Quality. Since this trip was by car I also packed my Nikon D800e with the 50mm 18G lens. I have to compare some images more closely, but I cannot discern a huge difference, if any, between the X-T2 24mp and the 36mp of the D800e. Honest. I just can’t. The colors are gorgeous. The resolution is fantastic.

The shutter sound: It is so freakin’ sweet. It is one of the very best sounds I’ve ever heard coming from a camera. Smooth, and silky. I love it. The X-T1 sounds like tin compared to the X-T2 shutter. I really, really like that. I know it doesn’t affect picture quality, but it sure makes me feel warm all over when I press the button.

The BAD: When I arrived on location before dawn it was 31 degrees F, foggy, and damp. When I pressed the shutter release: Nothing. Hard as a rock. I literally had to mash it for it to shoot. I had to press it so hard, the camera would just fire, without first focusing. Weird. As the day wore on, this became less and less of a problem. I have to test this further, but I’m not happy about that at all.  Here I’m sitting in my office using the X-T2 after having written this and it’s working perfectly!  I wonder if weather had something to do with it?  I’ll have to further test this.

The rear command dial sucks. It is too easy to press in when trying to rotate it! If it were not for the other redeeming qualities I would RETURN the camera and stick with my X-T1.  What the hell Fuji? What were you thinking? This week I’m reaching out to Fuji North America to see if I can somehow disable the rear command dial and assign its functions to another button. I hate using the rear command dial and it really bugs me having to use the camera with it there.  UPDATE:  Spent some time with the fabulous folks at Fuji in Edison NJ, and they say that I’m not the only person complaining about the rear command dial, the way it’s operating is normal, and it’s very easy to press in as you attempt to rotate the dial. Also, there is no way to swap the operation of the rear command dial to the front command dial for use with the Q menu. Damn.

BAD: The battery charger. I just don’t want to deal with yet another cable.  Why not design the charger like the X-T1 charger?     I will be looking for a replacement charger soon. This is just another cable that needs to be packed, and could be left behind rendering the X-T2 charger useless.

The menu system. Too much stuff everywhere. Also, I’d like to be able to add ANYTHING I WANT to MY Menu. Why do I have to go so deep to format a card, or the ridiculously named “Save Data Setup” to change the 2nd memory card function??? Why? This, and especially the next items need a firmware update ASAP. Without hesitation!

This issue is just plain STUPID:

Be sure you have two cards loaded if you’ve set the camera to use both cards for backup as  did for this trip in (MENU > WRENCH > SAVE DATA SETUP > CARD SLOT SETTING (STILL IMAGE)> BACKUP. If you don’t insert a card while in this mode, the camera warns NO CARD and locks up!

What the hell Fuji? Please, please take a look at the Nikon and Canon and probably other manufacturers setup and FIX THIS!  A quick firmware fix should do this.

The MEDIOCRE – And this is probably due to my idiocy, and not knowing all the menu commands yet. If I hold the shutter button too long after focusing, the image increases to 100% and allows me to focus manually. I’m sure I can turn this off, but have yet to figure it out (or read the manual). I had that happen a few times, and I will admit the images I manually focused on when this happened did not disappoint. They were crisp and sharp whereas my other attempts at using manual focus were not very good when attempting manual focus on the X-T1.

The BATTERY: I found that the new 126S that came with the T2 does not charge when using one of my X-T1 chargers. That sucks as I have three of those chargers!  I don’t want to lug a different charger just for the X-T2  so I’ll be on the lookout for one charger that supports both the regular 126 and the new 126S batteries.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll find other nuisances, and probably a solution to some of them as I become more familiar and further use the camera.

And I’ll throw out that Rico can’t publish his X-T2 book fast enough for me.


9 thoughts on “X-T2 Quick Review of the Good, the Bad, and the oddly Silly from my point of view

  1. For a shortcut to memory card format, hold down the DEL button for a few seconds then push the rear command dial (while still holding DEL). Select the card you wish to format, and format away.


  2. If the X-T2 is anything like the X-Pro2 (and X-T1, if I’m remembering correctly, since I don’t have it anymore), the setting causing the issue in “Mediocre” is AF+MF in the AF menu. If this is ‘on’, then after you’ve received an AF lock by half-pressing the shutter, moving (or even just bumping) the focus ring will initiate manual focus, causing the zoomed-in focus-assist display you mentioned. If you turn this to off, this shouldn’t happen anymore.


  3. Do you have OEM chargers? I never has an XT 1 but I did have an XPro 1 and the chargers work interchangeably for me. I also have a mix of non-OEM 126 and OEM 126S batteries and no problem charging any of them.


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