Cleaning Up My Social Media

I’ve come to the realization that as a stock and travel photographer I really don’t need the social media scene.  It’s just not worth it.  At all.  I don’t make money on any of these sites; nothing.  It’s a complete waste of my time.  A huge time suck.  I only post to share the beauty of what I photograph with friends and family, and let’s face it for the rush of the “likes” but in all honesty I really don’t care.  Posting on social media does not turn into any monetary incentive.  You know what does turn in fast money?  My images.  I am backlogged from images that I’ve yet to catalog, keyword and sort going back to October 2015.  I know the images in question will make money for me once I get them out into the stock and travel world but I’ve yet to do so.  This is where my money is, and where I need to focus my attention — not on social media to vie for some likes from folks that I don’t even know.

I realize that for many photographers the social media thing makes a huge difference in keeping their name in the public eye especially if they are in the wedding, portraiture, and commercial markets.  I’m not. Many thousands of my clients over the years don’t know me, nor could they care less who I am as long as the images they purchase from me through the various stock agencies and sites that represent me,  accomplish the task for which they were purchased.

I’m tired.  Of it all.  So over the last couple of days I’ve been “unfollowing” a ton of people, companies, and other stuff from FB.  For the time being I only kept some immediate family — notice I said “some” not all of them;  and a couple of close friends.  If I decide to go further I may remove FB completely.  Honestly, it’s a time suck.  No matter how you look at it.

This Blog:  Meh.  Not sure what to do here.  I may just keep it to post on occasion. Maybe.  It’s not like I get a lot of readers or views.

Instagram:  I love the likes.  But, like FB the primary reason I keep it is because my daughter posts images of my grandkids on there so I don’t miss out on so much of what’s going on.  If it were not for that, it would be gone.

Flickr:  I barely post there anymore.  I’m considering bringing it all down.

Website(s):  Closed both down years ago.  Then I went back to SmugMug.  Had it all up and running, then just a couple of weeks ago I removed all my images.  No longer interested as it’s a time suck.

That’s pretty much my stand on social media at the moment so if you try to access this site and can’t, well, you know then my decision.




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