So Adobe has hoodwinked us Again it seems

Adobe has hoodwinked us. Got me again Adobe. Well done you pieces of ….
Here’s what happened to make me write this love letter. I finally bit the bullet, purchased and downloaded the LR6 upgrade for LR5 after watching a long tutorial on using LR on the iPad. I was shown how phenomenal it was to actually be able to review, edit, manipulate,and pretty much do anything you wanted to on the iPad, that normally you could do on the desktop. Well, almost anything.
So, I install LR6 on my primary desktop workstation where I have over 3500 images I’ve yet to cull through, review, edit and then pick and flag which images go to which stock agents. The desktop install was very straightforward, no issues, my catalog updated to the LR6, no probs. I then downloaded from the app store the LR mobile for both of my iPads. I first installed it on my iPad mini as that’s the one I tend to grab most often when I want to sit somewhere in the house and just goof off, or, do some serious work as I tell my better half. So I followed the instructions on setting up a new collection and making sure it was set to sync to the mobile. Ok. So far so good. I gave the system about an hour or so as I had dinner to eat and, well time to goof off, plus it allowed some time for LR to do it’s sync — though it needed waaaaaaaaay more than that for 3500 images; actually, it had only synced about 300 in about an hour over wifi. So I grabbed the iPad and started looking through some of the images, and familiarizing myself with the interface. Now, based on the tutorial i watched I should have been able to to zoom in to check for sharpness, clarity, make adjustments, crop. etc. I did learn the one, two, and three finger tricks and that was pretty cool. But I digress.

I start to review the first image — before I begin the edit process I want to make sure the image is even worth processing so I do my two-finger spread thingy to make it slightly larger…. WTF? Wait. No. Really. WTF?! I must have done something wrong?! What’s going on here? I know this image was shot on a tripod, stopped down F11, blah blah blah. So I get up from my comfy, warm couch and walk back to my office to open it on my desktops 28” display… It’s TACK SHARP. Again I mutter to myself WTF?! Now my very patient spouse who normally doesn’t hear those words come out of my mouth has to ask me what my problem is. I go back to the couch where she is working on a project and hand her the iPad and ask her what she thinks of the image on the iPad. She says it’s blurry and it’s hurting her eyes. I use my two-finger thingy to make the image smaller, and she says it’s still blurry… So, I mutter WTF again and leave. I grab my full-size iPad, stop the sync on the mini, and start another synch on the large iPad. I get to the same image —— eventually as I need to wait for it to synch up, and guess what? The same damn thing! Bluuuury! I bring it back to my wonderfully patient wife. She looks at it, shakes her head, and hands it back. Then she says to me if paid for this to get my money back. Ha! The voice of reason! Someone with common sense! Someone who doesn’t understand Photography. Someone who does not deal with Adobe! Someone who wasn’t just bamboozled. Someone who wasn’t just fleeced – Again. How can anyone provide positive reviews on this garbage? OK. Calm back down….

So, Other than to look at pretty pictures, which I can just as easily do in the photos app, or snapseed (which by the way is a FANTASTIC editing app) , or whatever other app, LR mobile is coming off my iPads. However I am now “stuck” with LR 6 on my desktop and I’m out the upgrade price of 84.53 . That sucks. I was perfectly happy with LR5 even though I upgraded a couple of years ago.

So, just to put you on notice Adobe as soon as a better solution comes along I am dropping you faster than a hot potato. And no, I will not include or use Capture One as I am not a rocket scientist nor do I want to train as one before using their app. I do own Iridient, and the original RAW processor, Silkypix, that came with my X-T1, but let’s face it right now, other than photo mechanic, LR is a leader in this field— unfortunately. But, their day of reckoning will come and I’ll be right there holding the doors to hell open for ya you bunch of jerks.


6 thoughts on “So Adobe has hoodwinked us Again it seems

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  2. Strange, I’m not experiencing this at all. I had left Lightroom several year back to go to the excellent Capture One (which, by the way, I did not at all find hard to use or require a steep learning curve). But once I switch over recently from my iPhone to my first Android phone (Galaxy S7edge, which can shoot raw photos), I began to play around with Lightroom Mobile on it and went ahead and subscribed to the Abobe CC Photographers plan, so that I could take advantage of the mobile syncing feature.
    My photos that sync over to my phone look great, no noticeable blurrieness. I mean, LR and LR Mobile aren’t syncing full size photos (that would be a dataplan and storage suck), they are downsized smart previews, so you shouldn’t expect your full 24mp (or whatever you have) resolution, but mine are definitely good enough to zoom in on; not sure whats happening on your end. Maybe your settings are set to a super low resolution?


  3. Also, btw, you mention upgrading to LR 6, but you don’t mention signing up for a Creative Cloud subscription plan (either the Photographer’s plan like I got, or one of the bigger plans)? To my knowledge, you have to be subscribed to a plan and paying the monthly fee in order to use Adobe’s cloud-based synching services. You can’t just “buy” the Lightroom software for your desktop and use the synching service for free.


    • Of, it makes no sense to purchase Lightroom but then also sign up to, basically, rent Lightroom each month, as I’m doing, it should be one or the other- but if you want to sync you have to rent.


  4. Sorry, last one- there is a difference between Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC-CC-

    “What You Don’t Get with Lightroom 6
    Lightroom 6 owners do not get new features added during the CC 2015 / 6 product cycle. So far CC subscribers have gotten Dehaze, for adding or removing atmospheric haze (locally and globally) and Boundary Warp, for warping panoramas created with CC/6 so that no cropping of the result is needed.

    In addition, CC subscribers receive access to Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web. With Lightroom mobile, you can easily sync an unlimited number of collections of photos from Lightroom desktop to Lightroom mobile for Apple and Android mobile devices (including Android tablets now), do some basic work on your photos on your mobile devices and and have that work seamlessly sync back to Lightroom desktop. Lightroom mobile on your mobile devices can also send your mobile device camera photos to Lightroom on your desktop. With Lightroom web, you can share collections of photos with people by turning on “sync” for collections you want to share in Lightroom desktop, and giving a web link / URL to your friends and clients that allows them to view and comment on your photos.

    The Advantage of Lightroom 6
    As a stand-alone perpetual-license program, once you purchase it, you own it, and can use it as long as your computer supports it. You will never be locked out of any portion of the program.”


    • Thank you very very much for your comments. I do in fact have the entire cc 2015 collection through my company and I’ve used LR cc via that as well. I’ve owned LR since BETA 1.0 and I’ve been happy with it. I just disagree with the Adobe pricing model and will NEVER participate in a subscription plan. Ever. I so intensely “dislike” Adobe. I actually bought LR6 even though I have free use of LRcc. Thank you again!


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