My 8TB Hard Drive is Down!

This is THE reason I haven’t posted anything recently.

THANK GOODNESS FOR BACKUPS!  I also have a 16TB Drobo with a duplicate backup of my 8TB but I don’t feel like working on that one.

I’m waiting for my replacement drive from Western Digital.  The 8TB is where I keep almost 100,000 images.  In addition to that, I have another 7100 images to review, and edit that I’ve taken since late September through the Thanksgiving break.

I am so far behind I know exactly what I’ll be doing during the upcoming Holidays.

I’m also moving over 40,000 other images from Apple’s Photo app to a separate Lightroom Catalog.  These were stored not on my “work” workstation, but a separate iMac.  This is taking H.O.U.R.S.  as I’m moving the images one event at a time and making sure all keywords are accurate as I can make them. Might as well do it right, right?

So: COME ON WESTERN DIGITAL!!  Ship my replacement drive already!!

Happy Holidays Folks


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