Using the new Fuji 4.0 Firmware

Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_4277 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_4278 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_4279Ok. I have to eat crow here. Previously, on the new Fuji X Forums I said, and I quote: The new FW 4.0 SUCKS.
Well, I was very, very, very wrong! It is AMAZING.
I just returned from a two day long fun Birthday/Pool Party where I shot over 3,660 images with the X-T1 and ONLY the 18-55 and 55-200. I had it set to the Zone focusing 5 x 3. I would say that easily 90% of my images were clear and sharp. This included dogs swimming and running. Two boys of one year old, and a five year old running around and swimming. I am now convinced this is the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! Here is just one image in a series of 14 photos. 2 were soft but usable the rest were crystal clear. Take a look at the water droplets. This seems like an easy image for the camera but keep in mind the water jumping in front of the swimming dog, or the boys and the camera still stayed focused on the subject!!  BTW: THESE ARE ALL JPEGS, LITERALLY FROM THE CAMERA, INTO LR, TO HERE.  ZERO EDITING OR SHARPENING.  CLICK TO VIEW IMAGES AT LARGER SIZE.

Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_4094 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_4310-Edit

Here is a series of my car loving 1 year old grandson riding his little cart down hill.  EVERY SHOT IS IN FOCUS.  These are all 55-200 between 55mm and 75mm, JPEG, ASTIA, straight out of the camera into LR, then here.  Zero sharpening or any adjustments.  Unreal!

Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5081 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5082 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5083 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5084 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5085 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5086 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5087 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5088 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5089 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5090 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5091 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5092 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5093 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5094 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5095 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5096 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5097 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5098 Jacobs 5th Bday Party_X-T1_5099


You can always see more of my work here: Drama King Images and at flickr


2 thoughts on “Using the new Fuji 4.0 Firmware

  1. Can you elaborate on why you consider it “unreal” that your camera didn’t miss focus in a scene where pretty much everything front to back is within DOF and the subject stays in the same focal plane in every single frame?


    • Oh I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to answer this question. The subject - especially the boy on the car was not in the same plane of focus. He started closer to the camera position on the right side of the frame and moved away and down hill towards the latter images.
      Hope that answers your question.


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