Gear Used to Make the Kitchen Creek Images last week

I promised I would come back and show what gear I carried with me out on our hike last weekend. However, not all of it was used.  So I’m showing what was in my gear bag and next to the description I show whether it was used or not.

Kitchen Creek Gear

Fuji X-T1  USED Exclusively

Fuji 55-200  USED for 173 of the 190 Images

Fuji 18-55  USED for 17 images

Remote   NOT USED at all (I used the 2 second self-timer)  Unless I’m doing timelapse, it stays home next time.

Zeiss 12mm F2.8   NOT USED at all

Both Singh-Ray Filters   NOT USED at all

Hoya Polarizer  USED on every image

ND8  USED I would say on about 90% of the images — all water shots, none for forest scenes

Step-up Rings  USED two of them – – one for the 55-200 and the other for the 18-55 to bring them to 77mm

Lens Adapter in 10 and 16mm (orange box)  NOT USED at all

Batteries – I carried one in camera and four spares.  I used one battery except for maybe 10 images on the second one.

Bug Spray  USED. ALL. THE. TIME.  Don’t leave home without it.

Zeikos pouch holding one extra memory card  NOT USED AT ALL.  The 32G card in the camera was all I needed.

That’s pretty much it.  As you can see I took much more than needed and I felt it at the end of the day.  I plan on revisiting this location as I never actually made it to the waterfalls this area is famous for so another trip is warranted.  Next time though I guarantee I will be packing much, much less – including a lighter weight tripod than the one I was carrying over my shoulder.

You can always see more of my work here: Drama King Images and at flickr


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